Felczer VS. Apple Inc.: Apple Now Faces California Labor Code Violation Lawsuit

First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 05:10 AM EDT

San Diego Superior Court, Apple is now facing the class action lawsuit filed against them by four former Apple employees. An alleged California Labor Code violations was filed against Apple.

On October 18, Tuesday, at 9:00 in the morning, the civil jury trial will be faced by Apple. The courtroom will be officiated by Honorable Eddie C. Sturgeon. The lawsuit known as Felczer vs. Apple Inc. will be at the court's Department 67. In 2014, Apple filed an appeal and motion for dismissal but it was denied.

Going back to PCMag's report in 2014, the lawsuit was filed by Brandon Felczer along with the other plaintiffs, former Apple employees Ryan Goldman, Ramsey Hawkins, and Joseph Lane Carco.

According to MacRumors, the lawsuit against Apple was first filed in 2011 and exalted to class action level in 2014.  And now, Apple faces an alleged California Labor Code violations of which Apple failed to provide timely break schedules, delayed release of final wages and inaccurate wage statements.

With the delays in final wages for former employees, Apple has been asked to pay compensatory damages and repay all wages owed to its employees. Apple's payment will include interests and will also cover all legal fees. However, specific amounts for all damages has not been disclosed.

MacRumors also reported that all Apple employees, former, current or prospective employees in California who have worked from December 16, 2017 until the time of trial will be included in any settlement award from Apple and will be divided equally.

California Labor Code states that all employees are entitled to at least a 30-minute break for a five-hour work period or more and rest breaks for 10 minutes every four hours of work. Violations of labor rights would lead a companies to face labor rights violation lawsuits and repay unimaginable amounts of damages to its employees.

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