Apple’s iPhone 8 Might Sport An AI Chip That Is Capable Of Boosting Battery Life And Performance

First Posted: May 29, 2017 05:17 AM EDT

There is no doubt that the upcoming iPhone 8 will be one of the biggest highlights in the tech industry this year. Tech analysts are expecting that the iPhone 8 will be the most outstanding device from Apple. The device will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, which is why fans are expecting too much from it.

Recent rumors about the iPhone 8 say that it might have a major design overhaul. Apple might also remove the physical home button of the iPhone 8. Even though Apple will remove its home button, its functions will still be there, because Apple might have found a way to embed the home button and its fingerprint sensor underneath its front screen.

According to Trusted Reviews, the iPhone 8 might sport an AI chip that is capable of boosting the devices' battery life. Report claims that the AI chip is called the Apple Neural Engine. A lot of fans got more excited after the rumored AI chip spread around the web. But still, Apple has no official word regarding the rumor.

It still remains unclear on how the Apple Neural Engine works. But analysts claim that it could manage some of the main processor and graphics chip's workload. Sharing the workload between the AI chip and the traditional processors could boost the overall performance of the iPhone 8. With this new feature, Apple will surely keep up with its rivals such as Google and Qualcomm. Both rival companies have been making big strides in AI for some time.

As noted by ValueWalk, the iPhone 8's rumors, speculations, leaks, mock-ups and renders have been confusing Apple fans regarding the true specs of the device. Fans are expecting for a September launch of the device, because it is the usual month Apple would launch its iPhones. But reports claim that there is a huge possibility that it will be delayed because of its impressive specs that are difficult to manufacture.

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