Apple Releases Persuasive Ads To Lure Android Users To Use iPhones Or iOS; Apple Hired Qualcomm’s Top Engineer To Manufacture Its Own Chips Soon

First Posted: May 31, 2017 05:54 AM EDT

Apple recently launched its charm offensive ad to lure Android users to use the iPhone and iOS ahead of the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 8. Apple's campaign aimed at persuading people to give up their current Android devices.

Apple launched its campaign earlier this month. The company named the campaign "Life is easier on iPhone." The ad focused on music, privacy and photos.

Google's vice president of engineering Dave Burke revealed that there are a total of 2 billion active Android devices used each month. In the Google's blogspot, Dave Burke expressed his deepest gratitude for this extraordinary milestone. There is no doubt that Android users are a lot more than iOS and iPhone users, which is why Apple came up with the new ad.

According to Market Watch, the number of people moving over from rival mobile operating systems is expected to lessen in the coming year. Apple is hoping that its new ad will do the trick. Apple also launched its Switch Website that highlights the iPhone's virtues.

The Switch Website shows how Android users can transfer their message history, contacts, photos, videos and calendars to iPhone. Apple also launched three new ads to accompany its new campaign. The ads would not run on television, but they will appear as pre-roll ads that pop up before playing videos on YouTube or any other social media sites.

In other news, Apple recently hired one of Qualcomm's top engineers. According to Forbes, Apple hired Esin Terzioglu, the former vice president of engineering at Qualcomm. Report claims that Apple might be planning on manufacturing its own chips soon.

Qualcomm had been the sole provider of the cellular modems inside Apple's devices for several years. But starting last year with the iPhone 7, Apple used Intel chips in some models of the new iPhone. Tech analysts predict that Intel modems will take a huge part of increasing shares of future iPhones.

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