What Type Of Blood Mosquitoes Would Like To Suck Most

First Posted: May 31, 2017 04:43 AM EDT

Some experts believe that mosquitoes feast on certain people than the others. This could be explained scientifically.

A study indicates that mosquitoes suck people with blood type O and type A. Meanwhile, type B is not that appealing to the mosquitoes compared with the two types. At the same time, the bacteria of the skin of some people that release smell could also attract mosquitoes, according to India TV News.

The human smell could also be one factor that some people are tastier to mosquitoes. The chemicals in the skin could have a role on how you smell to a mosquito. Some natural compounds also attract mosquitoes as well as repel them.

In another study, the researchers discovered that beer drinking could be tastier to a mosquito. On the other hand, the researchers do not know exactly why. It is reported that ethanol on the skin did not attract mosquitoes and even higher skin temperature, according to Inverse.

Another factor of attracting mosquitoes is the sweat. So, the more you exercise the more it will make you sweat and the more you will breathe. This releases carbon dioxide, which is a major mosquito attractant and emits compounds that are tastier to a mosquito.

The selection of the color of your clothes also plays a role in attracting mosquito. Dark colors are attractive to mosquitoes. Bacteria are mostly found in human's feet and ankle. With this, the mosquitoes often land on the feet and ankle.

Scientists are now working on products with natural chemicals that mosquitoes would not like. These could drive away the mosquitoes. Meanwhile, it is recommended that you must have mosquito nets, DEET-based repellents and wear long-sleeved clothing to prevent mosquito bites. It is also advisable to wear clothes with light colors. Children must also stay away from areas where mosquitoes gathered and in dark places, too.

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