‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ 2018 Release Date Still A Big Mystery; ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Gets Officially Announced

First Posted: May 26, 2017 05:30 AM EDT

"Grand Theft Auto 6" (GTA 6) has been making it to the headlines for quite some time now. Although Rockstar Games has not confirmed yet the existence of the highly anticipated gaming title, GTA fans are pretty sure that the "GTA 5" successor will definitely see the light of day soon.

According to The Christian Post, "Grand Theft Auto 6" is expected to get released sometime in 2018. However, there are also reports that claim that "GTA 6" will arrive in 2020, the same time when Sony is expected to launch the PS5. Notably, Rockstar Games has maintained a gap of four or five years between GTA releases. "GTA: San Andreas" was released in 2004, "GTA 4" was rolled out in 2008 and "GTA 5" was released in 2013. The release timeline hints that a 2018 release for "GTA 6" might be on the cards.

According to Donklephant, it is believed that the American video game publisher has already begun developing "Grand Theft Auto VI." But the company wants to keep all the information related to the game under wraps for the time being.

If the report turns out to be true, then it is likely that the gaming studio will release the title sometime next year. It is expected that "GTA 6" will be based somewhere outside of America, most probably in London. Rumor mills have it that the upcoming gaming title might be the first in the series to get a playable female protagonist.

In related news, Rockstar Games has announced that its next game, titled "Red Dead Redemption 2," will be rolled out to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in spring 2018. It is expected that the game will not be released sooner than April 2018.

It is advisable to take the information with a hefty pinch of salt. As it is, nothing about "GTA 6" game play or release date has been officially announced by the makers yet.

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