'Wild West Online' Has Some Similarities To 'Red Dead Redemption'; New PC MMO Gets Funding From Investors

First Posted: May 18, 2017 05:36 AM EDT

A mysterious western-themed game image was circulating online recently. Some people speculated that it is a leaked gameplay screenshot of the most anticipated "Red Dead Redemption 2." But it turns out that the image is a different game. The game is called "Wild West Online" and it has some similarities to "Red Dead Redemption."

The "Wild West Online" is an open-world action online multiplayer game. Players will be allowed to explore Wild West's western setting and make their own moral decisions whether or not the player will play as a lawman or outlaw.

According to Gamespot, the game "Wild West Online" was officially announced last week. A lot of gamers are talking about the game because it looks like the upcoming "Red Dead Redemption 2." Because of its popularity, the "Wild West Online" investors have increased their investment in the project. This means that the game would not come to Kickstarter as previously planned.

612 Games, the developer of "Wild West Online," recently announced that there will no longer be a Steam Early Access version of the game. "Wild West Online" is also scheduled to launch later this year, and a closed beta version of the game will be held this summer. The developer is also planning to launch new content and gameplay features for the game. Fans can expect that there will be several game expansions after its official launch.

As per PC Gamer, with the "Wild West Online," Kickstarter would ask for $250,000 with stretch goals tied to additional funding. The game's initial investors also gave 612 Games additional funding, which means that it will no longer pursue crowdfunding.

The game "Wild West Online" received an overwhelming response after its official reveal. The game had thousands of emails and over 200,000 site visits. This amazing treatment convinced the developers to launch "Wild West Online" with some features previously tied to somewhat questionable stretch goals. Fans can expect that there will also be playable female characters in the game.

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