Apple Watch First Series Extended Warranty For One Year; Apple Makes A Move For Expanded Or Swollen Battery

First Posted: May 01, 2017 05:42 AM EDT

There is no doubt that the Apple Watch is one of the best devices the company has made. It is the ultimate smartphone accessory -- not only that it can tell time but the Apple Watch can also beam important notifications straight to the user's wrist. The Apple Watch can also run native applications, and it is one of the best fitness trackers ever made.

The first series of Apple Watch was launched in April 24, 2015. Apple made several improvements since it was launched. Some users also encountered issues that only Apple can fix. But the common problem is its depleting battery life.

According to an Engadget report, Apple will be giving one more year to the first series of Apple Watch warranty. If the users include its first year limited warranty, users can get a total of three years' service coverage. The company extended the wearable device's warranty because of several users complaining about the batteries ballooning inside

But even though the first generation of Apple Watch's batteries ballooned, no one has ever reported that their wearable device exploded just like the Samsung Galaxy Notes did. The said battery complaints first started in November 2016.

According to Ars Technica, the expanded or swollen Apple Watch battery is not a huge issue. The company just wants to get in front of the issue and provide the affected customers with a safe and convenient solution.

However, the third generation of Apple Watch is one of the most anticipated devices to come this year. Recent reports claim that it is set to launch by fall 2017. The Apple Watch 3 is also expected to sport some impressive features like the most speculated LTE connectivity.

It is also expected to run on the upcoming watchOS 3. Apple will also be focusing on improving the battery life and performance of the third generation Apple Watch.

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