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Heart Rate Monitor Of Apple Watch 97% Accurate; Third-Gen Apple Watch Might Be The Best Sleep Tracker?

First Posted: May 15, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

The Apple Watch has been a very successful wearable device so far. Several fans are impressed with its top of the line specs. The second generation of Apple Watch boasted its Global Positioning System (GPS) and waterproofing feature. Apple also removed some of its software issues by launching the WatchOS 3. Now fans are already eager to know what the company's next move is for the upcoming Apple Watch 3.

According to App Advice, when the first generation of Apple Watch was launched, the sleep tracking feature was not included. Report claims that the Apple Watch 3 might finally sport this sleep tracking feature with the help of the next version of WatchOS. But even though the original Apple Watch is not capable of acting as a sleep tracker, several fans are still impressed by its elegant design and water-resistant feature for up to 1 meter and 30 minutes.

The Apple Watch is probably one of the best wearable devices for tracking its user's health. As per MacRumors, the built-in heart rate monitor of Apple Watch is 97 percent accurate. The heart rate monitor can also detect the most common form of an abnormal heart rhythm when it is paired with an algorithm that is categorized through the data.

The chief executive of Apple Inc., Tim Cook, also stated that the health-oriented Apple Watch has helped him lose 30 pounds. Fans are expecting that the Apple Watch 3 would sport a more impressive feature that will be useful in people's everyday lives.

There have been several rumors and speculations regarding the Apple Watch 3 recently. One of the most speculated features is the LTE connectivity. Some also say that Apple might use a micro-LED screen for the Apple Watch 3. However, fans speculate that the size of the Apple Watch 3 might remain 1.65 inches with a resolution of 390 × 312 pixels.

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