Microsoft Surface Phone Latest News & Update: Smartphones Are Not Microsoft's Thing; Ultimate Mobile Device Could Function As A Laptop

First Posted: Apr 14, 2017 04:40 AM EDT

There is no doubt that Microsoft has the leading desktops at present. But when it comes to smartphones, the company needs to offer more impressive specs to compete with tech giants like Apple, Google and Samsung. The company needs to offer enthralling innovations for its upcoming Surface Phone.

Rumors and speculations about the Microsoft Surface Phone have been spreading through the web for a while now. Rumors claim that Microsoft will launch an ultimate mobile device that will use the company's strengths rather than its weaknesses.

A lot of tech critics and enthusiasts claim that Microsoft has a poor mobile ecosystem, and its upcoming Surface Phone might be a failure. According to Windows Central, there is a huge possibility that Microsoft's ultimate mobile device is not going to be a phone. To simply put it, smartphones are not Microsoft's thing.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, conceded the smartphone war between the giants like Apple, Google and Samsung. But Satya Nadella said that he did not concede the mobile space.

Nadella also announced that Microsoft would surely launch an ultimate mobile device. Fans can expect that the Surface Phone can run Microsoft's applications and can also function as a mini desktop.

Microsoft company always has the idea of creating a smartphone that could function as a book or laptop. There is also an idea of creating a Surface Phone that could be folded into a tablet. Tech critics also claim that the Microsoft Surface Phone might be the most secure smartphone that would be made by the company.

As for now, there is no official announcement by Microsoft regarding its upcoming Surface Phone. But according to a PC World report, fans can expect that the Microsoft Surface Phone could end up a foldable device. The phone could also run PC apps. The device is said to target business and corporate users.

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