Chinese Government Gets Its Own Customized Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System

First Posted: May 26, 2017 05:26 AM EDT

The Windows 10 operating system is getting better every time Microsoft launches an update. It had three major updates: the Anniversary Update, Creators Update and Fall Creators Update. But now, Microsoft recently unveiled the new customized Windows 10 operating system just for the Chinese government.

According to Fox Business, the customized Windows 10 operating system is meant to improve the security for Chinese users. This includes modifying the operating system to prevent data that is usually collected from being transmitted to other devices. The customization also includes the desire to locally store data. The main reason for the update is to prevent overseas parties from accessing sensitive Chinese information.

Some default applications that are not needed by the Chinese government is also removed. One example is the card game "Solitaire." The Chinese government will also have a customized Help function. Microsoft customized the special Windows 10 version to do business in China. Giant tech companies like Qualcomm and Intel also have struck joint ventures in China in recent years.

The customized Chinese version of Windows 10 operating system does not have OneDrive, because it is also not used by the Chinese government. The Chinese government still needs Windows because it is the backbone of PC computing worldwide. But using the Windows default software still remains politically inconvenient for China.

According to Paul Thurrott's blog, the recent version of Windows 10 has several issues, which is why Microsoft released Version 1703 to fix those. The update fixed the issue where network printers may fail to install when using the printer vendor's setup software on machines. This recurring issue can be found on devices that have less than 4GB of RAM. This issue had been fixed, as previously mentioned. All the users have to do is install from the Settings app or from Devices and Printer in Control Panel.

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