Apple iPhone 8 Features Update: Apple Reportedly Hints Adding Dual-SIM Slots To Next Front Runner

First Posted: Apr 12, 2017 04:50 AM EDT

For the first time ever, Apple is expected to implement diversification in the upcoming iPhone 8 features. Apparently, reports suggest that the company may finally be adding a dual-SIM card slot to its flagship device.

While there is still time for the official iPhone 8 features update from the company, patent applications report that Apple may add a slot for two SIM cards this time. BGR reported that if this is truly happening, then there is a very good chance for the device to acquire the top spot in the market.

According to the recently released patent application 20170094628 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Apple may actually look forward to adding a dual-SIM slot in its latest front runner. Apple's thoughts on the iPhone 8 features update note of a simple method to switch to eSIMs in the future from the current regular SIM cards. For that, Apple needs support from the carriers for which it had been trying for quite some time.

It seems like Apple is interested in an iPhone 8 feature update that incorporates eSIMs and SIMs together on the device. This way the carriers will also be satisfied, giving more room to Apple's own vision regarding the use of eSIMs.

Further feature updates as described in the patent application note of a situation where two cellular devices will be able to communicate through the use of a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. As noted through reports, the Apple Series 3 watch is also getting a cellular feature (LTE support) that would enable the device to connect with the upcoming iPhone 8, hopefully.

Even though the patent applications note of such impressive features, it is not confirmed yet whether the iPhone 8 features update will offer such upgrades on the upcoming flagship device. However, this is a slight possibility for the implementation of such features as seen in the patent that was filed on Nov. 16, 2016 ('628) and Dec. 19, 2016 ('285).

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