Unraveling The First Image Of The World's First Hyperloop Tube

First Posted: Mar 09, 2017 04:15 AM EST

Elon Musk's futuristic Hyperloop vision is coming to a reality within this year. Its first image was captured in the Nevada desert, in which it is under construction and testing.

Hyperloop is a transportation concept referred to as the "fifth mode of transport." It is conceptualized to carry passengers and cargo with its passenger-filled pods that could accelerate up to 1,220 km/h (760 mph) through a low-pressure tube to their last stop.

Hyperloop One is making it to reality and has begun construction of a full-scale test track referred to as the DevLoop in the Nevada desert. The images of Devloop was released this week during the Middle East rail Conference in Dubai. It shows the track cutting across the desert landscape. The tube is about 4,640 feet (500 meters) long and 10.8 feet (3.3 meters) in diameter, according to NBC News.

The construction might be completed in the coming months. The tube will be extended for 3 kilometers (4.86 miles).

The DevLoop will be a testing site for the Hyperloop transportation technology. The public test run with the Devloop will follow within the first half of 2017. It will also be a testing ground for the preparation for Hyperloop One's planned construction of its first commercial installation that will run between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This might cost around US$4.8 billion that is over $30 million per kilometer or $52 million per mile, according to Science Alert.

Rob Lloyd, CEO of Hyperloop One, said that the new high-speed transit system is the first major revolution in transportation in more than a century. He further said that while technology is revolutionizing many facets of human lives, they have not seen a radical change in transportation since the Wright brothers introduced air travel over 100 years ago. He added that tying together the Middle East region would produce greater virtual density, without congestion and pollution, urging productivity, innovation, job growth and more powerful sharing of labor, knowledge and investment. 

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