Eat Fatty Foods To Lose Weight: New Research Done By Scientists At The University Of Ireland Suggests

First Posted: Dec 13, 2016 03:20 AM EST

Scientists at the University of Ireland conducted a study on the comparative role of carbohydrates and fats in causing obesity and associated health problems in a group of middle age men. The results obtained suggest that eating a diet, rich in natural fats and low in carbohydrates can actually help in losing weight and avoiding the related adverse health outcomes. The scientists observed that the group of men that consumed high-fat and low-carb diet actually got slimmer and showed reduced blood pressure and glucose levels and a lower risk of occurrence of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

The research study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This finding questions the currently given and accepted dietary advice for weight loss, which recommends avoiding fats and relying on carbohydrates for daily energy requirements, reported Mirror.

Prof. Sherif Sultan, Cardiac specialist, University of Ireland, suggested that, "We urgently need to overturn current dietary guidelines. People should not be eating high carbohydrate diets as they have been told over the past decade."

He also pointed out that "Instead our diets should be largely based on good quality high-fat foods. This will prevent the rising epidemic of Type 2 diabetes and reverse the growing numbers of people suffering weight-related heart problems."

Sultan explained that diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are the two most deadly diseases, which affect a large portion of the population. Both the diseases are related to weight and intake of carbohydrates and refined sugars. He also suggested that intake of a fat rich diet and cutting down carbohydrates can actually prevent the occurrence of these diseases.

According to the Evening Standard, the study specifically mentioned that only natural fat sources such as cheese, red meat and butter were given to the subjects in the study. So the same results cannot be applied for the intake of processed fats and refined sugars such as margarine and trans fats present in processed foods.

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