Kickass Torrents Returns Back Online: Popular Torrent Site Kat.Cr All Set To Make A Come Back, Just Not Yet!

First Posted: Nov 28, 2016 05:30 AM EST

If you've been a constant Torrent user then you'd know that no other site could take place of Kickass Torrents. Well, now there's good news as the popular torrent site is all set to make a comeback next year. Torrent users have been waiting for the return of Kickass Torrents back online and it seems that their wishes will soon come true.

Although no official news have been announced yet, recent leaks and reports reveal that Kickass Torrents will return as in February 2017. The Torrent Site was taken down following the arrest of Artem Vaulin, Kickass' owner after piracy charges were filed on him. Here's what we know about the return of Kickass Torrents back online so far:

Kickass Torrents To Return Back Online In 2017?

Recent rumors and reports suggest that the torrent site will make a comeback following Artem Vaulin's release in February next year. Although the Kickass owner is going to get a bail release, it remains to be seen what the court decides. The Kickass Torrents owner was taken into custody earlier in July and charged with a number of cases including copyright infringement. The entire Torrent community was shaken as the domain was shut down following Vaulin's arrest.

Although many other torrent sites are still operational, none of them offers as much content as offered by Kickass. Several sites including 1337x, Pirate Bay and ExtraTorrent have been trying to provide torrent services to their users, however, as the legal authorities are behind them, they may also have to face the same fate as that of the Torrent Giant. Ira Rothken, a lead of Vaulin's legal defense team, has been trying to take off the charges but hasn't been successful so far. Same thing happened a few days before when a U.S. court decided not to drop the charges as they believed Kickass torrents acted like a flea market for pirated content.

Kickass Torrents Online Return: Legal Proceedings

Earlier last week, the defense team of the Torrent site owner had submitted a brief regarding government's failed response in tackling the flaws regarding piracy. The defense team further stated that operated in a similar manner to that of Google, by simply indexing torrents as per users' search terms. As these operations are not considered as a criminal act, Kickass torrents did not actually break any laws.

The team also pointed it out earlier that online streaming was not a felony in U.S. laws and neither is sharing a torrent file, that has no copyright. While the comments made by the defense do suggest that none of Vaulin's acts were criminal in nature, it remains to be seen how the Illinois District Court decides to proceed.

Kickass Torrents Online Return: What To Expect?

Although the court has yet decided to retain Vaulin in custody until mid-February and has also denied bail, recent proceedings do suggest that winds will turn into Kickass' favor pretty soon. A recent report also suggests that Kickass Torrents may make a comeback in February next year if the defense team is able to prove that isn't violating any criminal laws.

Looking at the present scenario, it is very likely that defense team will make a hit in the court and the torrent site will make an online return next year as Stay tuned to SWR for more recent updates and news on Kickass Torrents comeback.

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