UFO Spotted: Life On Mars? Spaceship Seen In Rare NASA Mars Images

First Posted: Nov 26, 2016 05:21 AM EST

 A UFO image on Mars seems to have raised questions about the possible existence of life on Mars. Or, is this merely a figment of imagination?

Apparently not, if the recent interpretation of NASA's Mars Global Surveyor images is to be believed.

NASA's Mars Global Surveyor images

The image shows what appears to be an alien spaceship on Martian soil. It seems to have crashed and images show landing tracks as well.

These pictures have revealed some startling facts, according to Mail Online. One is the presence of life on the Red Planet. It has raised questions on the forms of existence and led to queries on the presence of aliens on Mars.

Scientists from NASA said that, "The long and turned landing tracks left behind from the craft show that the ship crash landed as gently as it could."

To quote Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigation Manual, he said, "There does seem to be a Mars Curse, as two-thirds of our own missions to this planet have failed. Even NASA scientists jokingly call it the great 'Galactic Ghoul'."

Nigel Watson's conjectures

These pictures have led to some guesses and thoughts of what  may and may not be. According to Watson, the image of a spaceship could well be an alien spacecraft abandoned due to spacecraft problems. It could also be a geological formation that appears like a spaceship.

Explaining these phenomena, scientists explain that it is human nature to associate a shape and name to familiar objects. This could well be one of the reasons why people have observed what may appear like a ring or other objects on Mars' surface.

But there is a bit of mystery surrounding these images. Many websites have taken it off their screens and kept it as a big secret.

What would it be like when humans finally land there?

To imagine what it would be like when humans actually land there, Watson explains the difficulty of Mars missions.

He says Mars missions are not able to land on the Red Planet due to the challenges imposed by the surface of the planet. It is not due to perceived alien activity or sabotage, reports HNGN.

Explaining what it  would be like when a Mars mission is successful, Watson said, "When we do eventually get there, say in 2033 as the National Geographic Channel's Mars TV series suggests, it'll be fascinating to get a close-up view of these so-called alien artefacts, spacecraft and bases to find out the truth of the matter first hand."

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