Alien Invasion? Here Are 5 Ways Aliens Could Contact Humans

First Posted: Nov 18, 2016 03:42 AM EST

"Are we alone?" is a pretty big question. If the answer is "no," then humans are faced with the predicament of living among extraterrestrial beings in the universe. Science fiction has depicted various ways on how aliens could possibly contact humans. However, could these be really possible?

Although most of these are seen only in movies, various scientists have actually thought about these scenarios. Some of their ideas may have a scientific explanation, while others are way too far-fetched. Others have argued that the intelligent aliens would use either gigantic structures or smaller tools.

Alien Megastructures

Live Science reports various means on how humans could be contacted by extraterrestrial life. Scientists said that aliens could actually use megastructures to establish their presence among people. A particular star, dubbed as KIC 8462852, was said to be surrounded by an alien megastructure that has been blocking the light from the star. This star has brightened and dimmed various times over the past several years.

Robotic Probes

Is it possible that aliens could use robot probes to explore the universe? Some scientists think so. Alien signals may not actually be traveling in electromagnetic waves. They could use small objects that are sent out to the universe to explore planets, asteroids or other cosmos. Intelligent aliens may have advanced technology that these probes could just be the size of golf balls.

Radio Waves

Some scientists, on the other hand, said that aliens could contact humans through radio waves. This is because these waves travel undisturbed through the universe.

According to David Grinspoon, author of Lonely Planets: The Natural Philosophy of Alien Life and astrobiologist at the Planetary Science Institute, this could be used by aliens to send out messages to Earth.

Dancing Stars

Do stars move in geometric alignments or look as if they are dancing? Other scientists have argued that intelligent aliens have the capability to do this. In fact, during the discovery of neutron stars, astronomers first thought they were messages from aliens. Possibly, when aliens want to send out messages to humans, they could construct something that would be visible across the galaxy, including the Earth.

Space Exploration

Today, with the advanced technology various space agencies on Earth have, there will come a time when unmanned or manned spacecraft could explore beyond the solar system. While on the journey, there are chances that they encounter signs of extraterrestrial life. Moreover, if aliens would want to make contact with humans, they know what to do and how to send these messages through human space exploration projects.

Humans have long wondered on the existence of aliens in the universe. The question is, are they ready to receive alien messages in case they really come?

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