Professor’s Paper On Nuclear Physics Written By iOS Autocomplete Accepted At Atlanta Academic Conference

First Posted: Oct 24, 2016 04:16 AM EDT

Ever wondered if you were a scientist and could go to a research conference. Well, all you need is, iOS autocomplete to do the writing and knowledge to spell some basic scientific terms.

An associate professor at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand has done exactly the same thing. The professor who comes from a Human Interface Technology, took help from autocomplete in writing a paper on ' Nuclear Physics', a domain in which he has no knowledge. He started writing his paper by simply writing words such as 'Atomic' or 'Nuclear' and allowed iOS autocomplete to finish the sentence. The paper as reported by Firstpost had gibberish sentences such as,

"Atomic Physics and I shall not have the same problem with a separate section for a very long long way."

Nuclear Physics Paper Writing With iOS

This nonsensical paper on Nuclear physics was accepted by the International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics. The paper's abstract was completely silly and gibberish and could not qualify academic standards.

Christoph Bartneck, went a step ahead and added some Wikipedia stock art and cited some academic reference. He then registered the Nuclear Physics paper under a pseudonym, "Iris Pear." He even claimed in the paper submission that he was a lecturer at "Umbria Polytech University" located in Cupertino, California. As reported by Inquirer.

The Nuclear Physics paper which was practically written by iOS autocomplete was accepted within three hours of submission. Bartneck was requested to pay US$1,099, towards registration. The acceptance mail was an automated response too. Bartneck further added in his blog,

"I know that iOS is a pretty good software, but reaching tenure has never been this close."

The professor may not attend the Nuclear Physics conference.He feels a conference that accepts such a nonsensical paper could not be worth. Only 10 other participants were expected at the conference and Christoph Bartneck could definitely add value considering the situation. In case you want to write a paper, feel free to use the iOS autocorrect and attend a conference on Nuclear Physics.

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