Google Maps Recent Update Allows Users To Record, Share Location With ‘Your Timeline’ Feature

First Posted: Apr 19, 2017 06:20 AM EDT

Google recently updated its "Google Map" application on iOS devices. The new update brings a new lock screen widget that shows turn-by-turn directions. Google named this new feature "Your Timeline." The feature also allows the user to keep track of the visited places.

According to a PC Advisor report, the new Google Map update has a similar idea to the "Find My Friends" application on iOS devices. The "Your Timeline" feature will allow the user to easily view the visited places over recent days, weeks and even months.

Sharing the user's location is easy using the new "Your Timeline" feature of Google Map. Users only have to open the Google Maps application then tap the three lines in the upper left corner of the screen. After that, select Share Location and tap Get Started.

Google Map users must also select how long they want to share their location. After all of that, choose the people to determine who can see the shared location. "Your Timeline" is also quite similar to the Google Trusted Contacts application that was released earlier this year, but directly infused to Google Maps itself.

Users can also customize the "Your Timeline" interface easily. With the customizable settings, users can change several things such as names and addresses to ensure that everything is accurate. According to Apple Insider, Google Maps location sharing feature is not dynamically updated unlike the Apple's "Share My Location" feature.

But why should users share their location? The idea of someone being able to watch one's movements is a bit odd. But the new Google Maps feature is incredibly useful, especially if the user is in a busy place and tries to find someone.

The latest Google Maps update also includes minor bug fixes and some performance improvements with normal version updates. Users can download Google Maps for free. Just make sure that the device has more than 125MB free space left.

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