Classic Car Restorations: Where Can We Find the Largest Classic Car Restoration Facility In The World?

First Posted: Oct 18, 2016 05:50 AM EDT

Need to revive your Rolls-Royce? Or find the best bodywork for your precious Jaguar or maybe a new paint job for your delicate Mercedes? Look no more. Get 200 experts to restore your treasured ride at cheaper price. Located at the Clark Freeport Zone in Philippines, you will find the World's Largest Classic Car Restorer.

Byrnes Motor Trust Restoration was established by an Australian businessman Jim Byrnes in 2010. According to Jim Byrnes, building BMT in the Philippines was a wise choice. Labor rates are lower and workers are skilled and dedicated. In the facility, men and women are working as expert restorers.

BMT specializes in restoring classic cars. Their main clients are classic car enthusiasts. With the required expertise in handling delicate car models, BMT conscientiously employ the best car restorers in the country.

Car restoration starts once the vehicle arrives in the facility.  Multiple photos are taken and compiled. Panels, mechanical parts and wirings are then dismantled. These parts are being tagged and stored in its own cage and will be labeled with a code. After that, the casing of the vehicle and other mechanical parts are thoroughly cleaned before the bodyworks begin.

According to The Telegraph, Jim Byrnes has been in the car industry for 40 years. He started in the industry in 1976.  His passion and dedication in providing high quality restorations of classic cars is immeasurable. For him, to be known as one of the best restorers in the world that provides the same high standards as the manufacturers is a prized possession.

"We do not attempt to pass off as original factory adaptations at Byrnes Motor Trust Restoration; we simply manufacture our cars in the same manner and to the same high standards that the factory was prized for." Jim Byrnes, noted from The Passion of One Man, message from BMT website.

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