Apple Project Titan: Apple’s Car Will Not See The Light Of The Day?

First Posted: Oct 18, 2016 06:30 AM EDT

Apple's Car project, internally codenamed 'Titan' has been shelved. The tech giant is reportedly no longer in the race to produce cars. 

Apple's Project Titan has been highly anticipated and at the same time mired in controversies. As we had earlier reported that Apple might be considering a change in strategy with its project Titan. Even before the story broke yesterday, we had reported that Apple might be considering making a software or hardware device that can be used by other car makers.

According to the latest reports by Bloomberg, Apple has shelved its project Titan. Apple has re-focused on making an autonomous driving system. Apple will be making self-driving kits to be used with existing cars.

Apple's car team that comprised of more than 1,000 employees has been reassigned to other verticals. The canceling of project Titan has also lead to several Job cuts with many choosing to move out of the company.

Apple' car project Titan was initiated back in 2014 when engineers were given a free hand to develop a car. But a chaos in 2015 about where exactly was Titan heading has lead to the present situation.

The Project Titan's failure can be blamed on a failure of leadership, as reported by Bloomberg. Bob Mansfield who took over the leadership role has re-strategized the project Titan and decided not to build an Apple car.

Apple could never have competed with established car makers. With the new strategies, Titan will become an additional product with all existing cars. Apple's car making dreams were also affected by the supply chain of the automotive industry.

Apple is well-known for purchasing large quantities of components but apparently that did not work out in securing car parts. Car parts manufacturer were not willing to make huge investments.

Apple's car team now has been given a deadline to prove the feasibility of self-driving systems. It would be in best interest of Apple to build an additional system rather than building a car. Google has faced a similar problem in developing its own car and has sought partners.

So, for now, we can bid adieu to the Apple's car. We can hope Apple comes up with an amazing self-driving system that probably can be retrofitted in the existing cars. That would be awesome!

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