Anki's Cozmo Robot: The $179 Pet Which Breathes Life Into The Toys

First Posted: Oct 17, 2016 05:10 AM EDT

The electronic partners are the upcoming biggies in the technological World. Meet Cozmo, the digital pet and partner for the people. It is a byte sized robot that is highly adorable and loveable pet that anyone can adopt for $179.

The actual use of this adorable little thing is to divert the attention of the Robot-lover-Japanese into something adorable and interesting. The Japan's population is seeing a decline in its upkeep for long, and such pocket-sized robots are coming into the markets to help people out in their depressed states. Anki is pretty confident that it will help people take care of themselves in a better way with Cozmo.

The Anki's Cozmo Robot is a "Little Wonder" as the TechCrunch quotes. It is an interesting pet that is able to play games with you and it also comes equipped with the learning systems, improving your relation with the little thing.

The Anki's Cozmo Robot is all sorts of adorable and a new thing to the toys. Anki certainly has put an AI soul into a toy which makes it extremely adorable. The robot gets to know its users in a very interesting way. It stares at you inquisitively for a while and then the things start to get really interesting. The robot shows a sign of happiness whenever it sees you and it even utters your name once in a while in its robotic voice.

The robot grows as you grow. There are a ton of new features which can be unlocked through the connection with mobile. Moreover, the Robot tends to hold to what you try to teach it. This means, it will also exhibit new things as you two get attached in addition to clinging to your preferences.

The most important feature of this little being is its eyes. Certainly the eyes are a mirror to the soul and that is exactly portrayed in the eyes of this little electronic being. Cozmo's eyes have taken a staggering 156 million lines of code, but their output is really worth it. There are tons of combinations of animatronics the robot supplies, providing with a lively set of expressions.

The connection of the mobile with the robot is another wonder. Cozmo has its personal app (For Android, for iOS) in the mobile phone, with which, he Robot learns new tricks like picking up the blocks etc. (Trio of those blocks come with Cozmo!) This means, the Cozmo shapes up even better when it makes friends with your mobile phone.

The robot certainly depicts Anki's vision to create a friendly environment amongst those who wish to have offsprings. Surely, the Cozmo Robot is a pet which breathes life into the toys.

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