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First Posted: Jan 25, 2017 03:00 AM EST

The name Albert Einstein is synonymous with intelligence. How would it be if Professor Einstein himself will tutor young minds? Impossible. But Hanson Robotics has got the next best thing.

Hanson Robotics, a humanoid robot builder company, recently started a crowdfunding campaign for the large-scale manufacture and distribution of an educational robot named "Professor Einstein." The robot is cute and strange at the same time. It has been designed to impart unique learning experience for students arounds 13 years of age.

Professor Einstein can walk and talk, as well as interact with people via a range of facial expressions and gestures. The device is fitted with eight motors and sensors, which create different facial expressions (50 in total). The robot can smile, frown and can even stick its tongue out. It also has a speech recognition feature that helps in its customization, Business Insider Australia reported.

The Professor Einstein robot can be regulated remotely with the help of a compatible mobile app named Stein-O-Matic. The robot can be operated in both iOS and Android devices, by connecting it via the mobile app. It stays online with the company database, which helps it in accessing required information while interacting with humans.

It can provide its users the access to online learning programs, which include interactive subject lessons, scientific experiments and mental exercises. Based upon the score obtained in these exercises, Professor Einstein can reward IQ points, which may be used to unlock games, powers and new avatars. When done with doing science, the robot can also be used as a personal assistant. It can interact with people, make small talks about the weather and food and even manage to do lists and daily calendar, according to New Atlas.

The Professor Einstein robot is in its prototyping phase, and the company is busy raising funds for its mass production. Hanson Robotics is planning for a kickstarter production of the product. It announced that people can now make early bird booking for the robot for just US$249 per piece, which will be delivered in April.

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