Bigfoot Exists! Researchers Publish Sasquatch Genome in New Journal

First Posted: Feb 14, 2013 12:09 PM EST

Bigfoot exists, according to a research paper published in a new journal called DeNovo Journal of Science. Researchers found the evidence of the giant hominid locked within samples of DNA collected from around the world.

The five-year study analyzed 111 specimens that spanned 34 different research sites in 14 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces. The researchers sequenced 20 whole and 10 partial mitochondrial genomes from these samples in addition to three nuclear genomes. According to researchers, the preliminary testing was repeatable within the three whole genomes that were sequenced.

How exactly did the researchers attain these samples, though? They collected the submissions for years. They included everything from stray hair clumps to clumps of fur with flesh attached to a pool of blood--supposedly from a time when Bigfoot chewed on a pipe. While the team used standard forensic techniques, though, quite a bit of the research has been called into question.

First, the team was unable to get its paper published when they first reported their findings several years ago. In order to overcome this issue, the researchers bought a paper and then renamed it as DeNovo, according to Arstechnica. In addition, the mitochondrial DNA of the samples--the ones able to be isolated--cluster with that of modern humans, mainly European or Middle Eastern in origin. This would be fine if Bigfoot was interbreeding with human females at one point, but if the time scale for this interbreeding were taken into account there should only be Native American sequences present. The study also includes alleged Bigfoot videos and dubious pictures of massive footprints.

Nonetheless, the researchers are optimistic. They believe that Bigfoot is actually a hybrid cross of modern Homo sapiens with a novel primate species. They've decided to officially name the creature Homo sapiens cognatus. Currently, the team plans to continue its research since it takes years to properly analyze a genome. Whether the genome actually belongs to Bigfoot, though, is dubious at best.

Check out one of the videos of Bigfoot that was featured in the paper below.

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