Make Pikachu Hop On Your Shoulders With The New Buddy System

First Posted: Sep 15, 2016 05:00 AM EDT

After a long anticipation, the new buddy system is here! So, if you were waiting to make Pikachu hop on your shoulders, your wait is over.

Recently an update was released by Pokemon GO for both the IOS and the Android users. The much-needed update of Niantic adds a new functionality as well as character to this game. Those who are aware of the anime that inspired the game will know that the buddy system is a nod to the Pikachu that is seen in the anime.

Basically, the buddy system allows the trainer to walk around with their Pikachu and venture into new adventures just like Ash did on the TV show. So if you are a fan of the show then you will definitely be overjoyed with this brand new update. According to the players who have used this update, trainers will get the opportunity to choose which Pokemon accompanies them.

The creature will appear along with their trainers in the profile. This way your favorite Pikachu can be with you on your profile. The Pokemon that you will be taking along with you will be collecting candies during the journey. But this update has started a new debate among all the trainers as different players are claiming to have used different ways for, making Pikachu sit on their shoulder.

A few players are of the opinion that you need to collect at least 10 candies if you want the Pokemon to sit on your shoulder and accompany you on your journey. Whereas another group claims, that trainers need to cover at least 10 kilometers if they want Pikachu to hop on their shoulder.

As reported by Forbes, a trainer can get a candy by walking with a Pokemon. These are only a few aspects of the buddy system that players have uncovered till now. There are so many more features that are still being explored by the fans. So keep playing Pokemon GO and keep discovering interesting new features of the buddy system!

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