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Pokémon GO Latest News & Update: Team Mystic Caught The Most Grass-Type Pokémon; Scizor’s Bullet Punch Move Changed

First Posted: May 15, 2017 06:27 AM EDT

Niantic released several Grass-type Pokémon into the wild last week. The Worldwide Bloom Grass Event gives a lot of "Pokémon GO" players a higher chance to catch a Grass-type Pokémon. However, players that are on team Mystic caught the most.

According to VG24/7, during the "Pokémon GO" grass-themed event, a lot of Bulbasaurs, Bellsprouts, Oddishes and Grass-type Pokémon were available than normal. But the data gathered by Nintendo Everything shows that Team Mystic catches the most Grass-type Pokémon. Team Mystic caught 116 million Grass-type Pokémon, Team Valor caught 102 million Grass-type Pokémon, while Team Instinct only caught 72 million Grass-type Pokémon .

Some player had complaints regarding the recent Grass-type event of "Pokémon GO." Some of the players did not see much of an increase in Grass-type Pokémon in their areas, especially in built-up urban areas. There are a total of 290 million Grass types that are caught by "Pokémon GO" teams. But as for now, there are still no official announcements made by Niantic regarding the next "Pokémon GO" event.

There is no denying that "Pokémon GO" players have dropped ever since its initial release on July 6, 2016. But Niantic is trying hard to make new and exciting updates to lure players back. Some rumors claim that Niantic might add Gym Raiding options to "Pokémon GO" soon.

Niantic is said to be working on a notification system to alert players about nearby Raids and map overlays. Niantic is also seemingly planning to increase Gym diversity by limiting the number of Pokémon species.

Niantic is also fixing some bugs and glitches on "Pokémon GO." According to Pokémon GO Hub, Niantic recently updated Scizor's signature Bullet Punch move. It is just a minor but important update. The new animation for Scizor's move is replaced by fists instead of bullet holes. The previous animation was considered graphically overwhelming and distracting. That is why Niantic changed it.

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