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Google Pixel Launcher: Is It The Perfect Android Launcher?

First Posted: Sep 14, 2016 05:10 AM EDT

Google's new Pixel launcher has not officially been released, but has been leaked to the masses, with the public citing a few tweaks and changes with the new official Google Launcher, dubbed the 'Pixel Launcher'.

Most noticeably, users will find that the calendar in new launcher now adapts to the current date, showing the current day's date. This feature had already been adapted in other launchers, as well as in Apple's own interface. At first glance, the launcher does not seem to be much different than what its predecessor looks like, apart from a few changes with the application, according to Android Police.

Fans of Android are certain that the change in name of the launcher indicates that the newer Nexus phones will also share that name. Google will officially drop the Nexus name in its newer models. The new launcher will be part of the new generation of Google phones.

Scrolling through the app is the same experience as before. Users will need to swipe up from the homes-screen to open the app drawer, while the general look of the launcher has been retained. Fans did expect an overhaul of the launcher with the release of Android 7.0 Nougat, but it seems that Google was saving it for its new Pixel phones, according to First Post.

Much like the Nexus launcher which was also leaked before, the Google search bar has been tucked away from the home-screen, only to be replaced by a space occupied for date and time as well as the Google search icon. The Pixel launcher will also work with Google Now and integrate various commands and gestures.

The most noticeable new feature in the of the launcher isn't on the surface. It is found in the settings of the launcher where the user can change the wallpaper. The launcher comes with its own set of wallpapers categorized based on the different styles. There is also a feature to automatically change the wallpaper of the phone every day to a fresh one, picked from Google off the internet, according to report by BGR.

Stay tuned to SWR for more updates on Google Pixel Launcher.

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