Google ‘Project Owl’ Update Changes Search Algorithms To Combat Fake News!

First Posted: Apr 26, 2017 06:30 AM EDT

There is no doubt that there are several new websites surfacing online. Some of the new sites are even making fake news to earn views and clicks of other readers. This is a huge problem Google is facing. Recent reports claim that Google is doing its best to eliminate fake news by improving its search engine.

According to a Recode report, the top search engine, Google, will be updating its algorithms. This move will give a lower rank on misleading and offensive contents. The new Google update will also give users several ways to report bad results.

Updating the Google search engine algorithms will also prioritize reliable and accurate news contents. The contents' reliability will be based on prompts such as affiliations of a site with a certain verified news source or a university. Reliable contents will also be based on other sites' link and the quality of the sites that link.

According to The Guardian, the new Google search engine algorithm update would also improve every user's browsing experience. The main goal of the update is to show more reliable pages and demote low-quality contents that also make fake news. The new update would also allow users to complain hateful content in its autocomplete function.

Google named the new search engine update as "Project Owl." Google claims that the idea of an owl is an appropriate symbol for wisdom. The company seeks to bring some wisdom back into areas where it is highly needed. Google has been dealing with spam searches for a very long time.

Search spam is when people are trying to control its results beyond acceptable practices to earn money. It also deals with poor-quality contents that pop up for popular searches.

But search spams are not a huge issue. Instead, some of them involve fake news where people make things up. They also involve heavily biased contents that the search engine, Google, is trying hard to stop.

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