WhatsApp Update: A SnapChat Clone In The Making?

First Posted: Sep 12, 2016 05:20 AM EDT

WhatsApp has been continuously adding new features to its application over the past few months, with new updates which include making a six second animated GIF among others. This time, WhatsApp's new beta version for Android has been updated to accommodate a selfie flash for snapping better photos under low light, as well as a Snapchat-like feature which enables the user to doodle over the photos before sending it across, according to a report by BGR

In order to use the special selfie feature, the user will have to open the front-facing camera through the app and tap on the flash icon. Once turned on, the screen will illuminate with a white light just as the selfie is taken to brighten the user's face.

The new WhatsApp update adds to the list of already feature-rich beta updates that have been rolled out by the company in order to remain a step ahead of the competition. The range of the screen's flash may vary depending on the model of the phone and since it is still in its beta stages, this version of the app may not be compatible to some phone models. One of the latest handsets on the market - the Samsung Galaxy S6, did go through some trouble in having its screen emit a flash, which was either too delayed or too quick for the user to be snapped in their selfie, according to Deccan Chronicle.

Apart from these updates, WhatsApp has also enabled the functionality of allowing messages to be forwarded to multiple contacts at a time, as opposed to just one. In order to access these newer features however, interested users will need to sign up as a beta tester for Google Play and download the latest update. Another way to use these features is by downloading the signed APK version of the WhatsApp update and install it on their android devices.

WhatsApp is also currently working on video calling for its next update, according to Gadgets 360.

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