Are You Ready To Ride An Electric Car?

First Posted: Aug 31, 2016 07:50 AM EDT

The future of land transpotation is electric cars. Everyone in the tech business are racing to make our rides electric powered. Tesla started the trend by introducing the very first successful electric car to be commercially produced.  Now we might find our highways filled with these eco-friendly cars in the very near future.

The concept of electric powered car engines were first introduced in the market as hybrids. Car manufacturers like Toyota in its model Prius were then worried that consumers might not be ready to break away from gasoline dependency just yet since there were not much electric charging pit stops available. They thought creating a hybrid with combustion and electric engine cars is a good and practical start.

Then Elon Musk entered the arena presenting  a new breed of futuristic looking, feature packed fully electric car models namely Model S, X and 3. This ambitious master plan of Elon Musk is finally paying off as more and more people are embracing this new breed of car. Now several car manufacturers are laying down their plans in commercially producing this new breed of electric cars.

One of the car manufacturers who wants to race with Tesla is Chevrolet. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Chevrolet will be releasing Bolt EV model this year boasting more than 200 miles of drive distance on a single full charge. 

Not only car manufacturers are investing on this electric cars but also leading  electric car charging station makers that are making huge investments to expand its charging stations across different states. Pasquale Romano, chairman of ChargePoint Inc., revealed its negotiations to different car manufacturers. He confirmed that car manufacturers plans to shift to electric cars. "We have seen their internal plans to just electrify everything,"  Romano added.

This movement by car manufacturers also gained support from the US government. Initially, Tesla got its funding to build its megafactory from a loan from the government. The US energy department is also fully supporting other car manufacturers in terms of research and strengthening policies to further progress this shift to a cleaner land transport option.

But according to reports, it won't be as easy for electric cars to replace combustion engine cars just like how smartphones swept out symbian phones. It will take an average of 11 years for an American to ditch its old car and buy a brand new. So it might take at least a decade or two for electric cars to dominate the market.

But still, the progress in the development and production of electric cars are undeniably impressing. So there's no reason why we might not see these electric vehicles hitting every street and every road sooner than later.

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