Microsoft Reveals Limited Edition ‘Xbox Onesie’ And It's Crazier Than It Looks

First Posted: Aug 24, 2016 05:16 AM EDT

Microsoft has revealed the limited edition Xbox Onesie, an all-in-one garment for your console gaming needs. The product has been revealed in Australia to help celebrate the launch of the new Xbox One S console. Microsoft describes the Xbox Onesie as "everything an entertainment enthusiast could need when streaming a favourite TV show or film, watching sports or embarking on the ultimate gaming session." Gamers have to be patient as the Onesie will be launched exclusively in Australia and no official announcement has been made regarding its release in the rest of the world.

Xbox Onesie Features

According to a report by The Verge, the Xbox Onesie will be available in both black and white versions with a bunch of features that include:

  • Enlarged pockets to fit your Xbox Controller, so you'll never have to look under discarded pizza boxes and takeout containers for it ever again.
  • An arm pouch for "quick and easy access to your mobile phone," to instantly verify that your social media friends are doing more worthy things with their time.
  • "Roll-able legs and arms" so you can really let loose. Forearm grips to prevent slipping on "edge of your seat" moments, or chafe you during others.
  • Extra-large hood to accommodate headsets, shame. Your very own embroidered gamer-tag, because you're clearly the type to forget your own name.

"The pictured items were created to commemorate a regional study regarding media consumption," Engadget reports. Microsoft is yet to announce the arrival of the Xbox Onesie in the market. According to Microsoft's press release, the team has thought of every conceivable problem that may arise during a play session and has come up with ways to deal with it, all using this onesie.

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