PS4 Gets Improved UI, Packed With More Features In Latest Update

First Posted: Aug 16, 2016 06:43 AM EDT

The anticipated release of the new firmware of Sony's PS4 console is now out to beta testers. According to the official press release from, the 4.00 update will be codenamed "Shingen". The update is an improved version of the 3.5 firmware and finally, Sony took some of the feedbacks from the PS4 gamers to improve the new release.

The latest update entails better user interface and graphic rendering of the games. Another new feature in the update is in the Quick menu. The updated Quick menu will have more options like home screen shortcut and online friend status, The Share menu also had an overhaul. Now you can see a screenshot of the last social network you shared a media with  to more convenient online sharing of your gaming experience. Quick menu and Share menu will also no longer occupy the entire screen since it is reduced to a window so that it won't cover your view of the game.

Navigating your files and games can be really hard work especially when your drive is cluttered with so much files. Worry no more, thanks to an added feature, you can now create folders and organize your games and files to the PS4's content launcher. The update also allowed gamers to view their achievements offline. You could now boast your trophy collection to your friends and family anytime even without internet connection. The user profile had a little redesigning highlighting several relevant information for gamers in just one click and adding the customization option to have a background image alongside with your avatar.

Overall the update basically added more defined retouches and a fresher look to an already familiar and user friendly interface. However, there is more to expect as not all added features were released to the beta firmware. The date official release of the update is yet to be announced anytime soon.

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