Apple's New Wireless EarPods: Key For Apple Music's Domination

First Posted: Aug 13, 2016 06:10 AM EDT

Great news for Apple fanatics, Apple is finally developing Bluetooth wireless earpods. This is how Apple is addressing the rumored disappearance of 3.5mm headphone jack to iPhone 7 models to give way to a thinner and sleeker design for future iPhone models. This is a good move for Apple because really, wired audio devices are so yesterday. The official design, specs and price however was not yet disclosed.

But announcement drew mixed reactions among Apple consumers. Some consumers are particularly concerned if the audio accessory is going to be bundled with the release of the iPhone 7. This issue surfaced after Apple's $3 Billion acquisition of Dr. Dre's Beats Music and Beats Electronics in 2014. However, according to a Forbes report, it was shut down because Apple launched its new music streaming service. So Apple might develop the wireless earpods using the technology they acquired from Beats. This might entail for a higher price tag for iPhone 7.

Since Apple is known for designing features exclusive only to Apple products, it was rumored that iPhone 7 might be exclusively compatible with the said earpods which leaves apple users no choice but to spend more bucks to enjoy music in their smartphones. Other concerns about the product includes the durability and battery life of the wireless earpods and the option for other users who prefer headsets than earplugs.

Apple was not the first company to develop wireless earpods, several successful start up companies were able to produce wireless earpods with excellent quality most of which are funded by the crowd through Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Nonetheless, this hardware upgrade is a crucial stepping stone for  Apple's plan to enter the music streaming arena through Apple Music. With a great streaming service plus undeniably good hardware (thanks to Beats), what could possibly go wrong with Apple's plan to dominate the music industry.

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