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The Making Of A 'SolarCity' Through Solar Panel Roofs

First Posted: Aug 11, 2016 05:56 AM EDT

Solar energy company further extends the technology to your household through roofing material made out of solar panels. This bold move by SolarCity is trying to target the market that is not reached by the solar energy. Previously, the SolarCity was offering solar panels installations to household owners, but with the advent of this innovation, SolarCity could tap real estate developers to fully integrate the solar panel technology in the construction stage of building homes.

This also targets a huge market of roof replacement in the US. SolarCity claims that this technology could supply sufficient energy for the daily consumption of a regular household. This was the company's response to their declining sales in the past few years. This also bids a more futuristic and appealing design to household owners since SolarCity is offering customization depending on the customer's preference.

Tesla Motor's will soon take over SolarCity as a deal worth $2.6 billion is in progress to a rumored "Tesla City" project. This will incorporate SolarCity to Tesla Motors' master plan to fully shift the energy monopoly from nonrenewable to renewable sources. This movement will have a great impact on the future products to be released by Tesla Motors and Space X of which both companies owned by Elon Musk. The final stage of acquisition is on progress and we can expect product launches integrating the both companies in the future.

Musk addressed potential concerns raised by buyers like how durable and long lasting would the solar panel roofing last. Musk said that it will "last longer than the normal roof". However, the price margin of the solar panel roof compared to other standard roofing components was not disclosed. Nevertheless, the shift to greener energy resources is taking a big leap with SolarCity's initiative to bring solar energy to every home.

As Architectural Digest puts it, Elon Musk plans to revolutionize people's lives through the "roofs of the future." On the other hand, Musk through his Tesla and SolarCity have yet to prove this project. The big question for incarabia.com and basically for everybody else was, "could Musk do to houses what he has done to cars." 

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