Ultimate 'Pokemon Go' Cheat: How To Catch A Pokemon Without Going Anywhere

First Posted: Jul 29, 2016 05:37 AM EDT

This maybe the biggest cheat so far, but don't worry, players' accounts will not be banned from the game for using this hack to catch your target Pokemon.

Ultimate "Pokemon Go" Cheat

With the new "Pokemon Go" cheat, the new Pokemon character will be able to walk around the game, while the player controls it with a joystick, instead of instantly being teleported from one place to the next in the blink of an eye. Previous "Pokemon Go" user hacks that have caused players to be banned used a teleportation method wherein players from one place just instantly teleport to another location.

"Pokemon Go" Cheat, No Ban

With Pokemons walking around without actually moving from one's place, the new "Pokemon Go" cheat is suggested to be impressive. In addition, there are plenty more features that this cheat offers, including the ability to locate rare characters even before they actually appear. However, it is important to note that an iPhone needs a jailbreak in order to utilize this cheat.

Other "Pokemon Go" Cheat Apps

Another "Pokemon Go" cheat can be utilized using a Pokemon tracker called Pokevision. Pokevision can tell the exact locations of all the Pokemon in the area and how long they will be there. Pokevision uses the app's API to locate where "Pokemon Go" has placed every Pokemon on the map, Forbes reported.

Pokevision poses a clear violation of "Pokemon Go" terms of service and Niantic may reportedly shut it down if it wants to. Niantic has already wised up to similar tricks involving the Mock Locations, AV club reported. However, this "Pokemon Go" cheat is not like other cheats that use bots which means that the player is still required to catch the Pokemon.

"Pokemon Go" tips and tricks that do not require jailbreak or involve cheating are available widely on the internet though. These include a bunch of information that helps a player locate Pokestops and gyms.

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