'Pokemon Go' Battle: Women Plays More Than Men, Survey Says

First Posted: Jul 29, 2016 05:23 AM EDT

The male population only comprises 37 percent of users in the United States. The majority of players are aged 18 to 29 and make under $50,000 a year income, most of which are women.

The result is not as surprising as Twitter, Tumblr, Storenvy and Etsy, which are all currently flooded with "Pokemon Go" fanart, handmade jewelry, keychains and 3D-printed Pokedex battery cases, Zam reported. On top of about 25 million daily active users, there is a huge number of economies sprouting up as a result of the game, many of which are in fan spaces where women, non-binary people and sexual minorities tend to gather.

The huge number of women in survey seems to reach its climax with the release of new information and portraits of "Pokemon Go" three team leaders. However, Niantic CEO John Haske, did not expect such a marked response among women and said that he would be surprised if the survey would be deemed true.

Haske said that Niantic is not tracking biographical data on "Pokemon Go" players. It may be true that third party analytics like SurveyMonkey may be working on incomplete or flawed information depending on their access to information and methodology.

Meanwhile, a man named Sam Clark claimed to have become the first to catch all the characters available in the UK, BBC News reported. He posted an online video showing he had caught all characters and had his every waking hour on the game since it was launched. He added that he lost more than two stone in weight during the process and declared his final catch was a Lapras found round the back of Primark.

"Pokemon Go," according to Clark brings people together and there is no competition in the game. When players are in the park, it can be recognized who among them are looking for "Pokemon" and everyone smiles and waves, he concluded.

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