Experts Believe Automation Boosts Business, Cuts Jobs For Workers

First Posted: May 29, 2016 08:13 AM EDT

Automation is increasingly being applied, from manufacturing up to cars, as automation of complicated activities like driving guarantees more free time, yet a loss of jobs as well.  In addition, it is likely to affect almost every part of the people's lives, including what children learn in school to make ready for the new economy up to the product variety.

An  automation will provide help on drive down costs while the quality of several products is increasing. According to Brian Chiou of Orbose, the number of machines will get the new strategy for production much faster than the human workers. He took note of the fact that this capability to produce new products at scale is going to generate more product variety for an end user, and through the first new product will be the outcome of human creativity.

Though automation is significant for business, it is frightful to those who had those jobs. The expense of keeping technology will be cheaper compared to paying an employee to perform the tasks that could be automated. Charles Brown of Due said that artificial intelligence is making the situation worse by its simple method of turning jobs into processes, since there will always be a way for the process to be automated, Automation World reported.

According to Bishnu Nayak of FixStream Inc., technologies like closed loop function and artificial intelligence are becoming more dependable due to innovative data technologies as well as statistical models. The increased reliability and productivity by lowering human intervention. But as explained by Nayak, reducing the requirement for human engagement means lowering the number of available jobs. While automations increase jobs that are technology oriented, it will lessen manual jobs as well.

As automation comes into every industry and process known, there is going to be an enormous need for the new skill set to be learned by everyone, either to use a device, perform jobs, including daily tasks and to learn. Applaudo Studios' Darwin Romero argued that  automation will not be prevented, which means everyone must be able to adapt and make the best of it, according to Small Biz Trends.

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