Tesla Smart Vehicles: Self-driving Cars Lead To More Sex Sessions?

First Posted: May 04, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

Self-driving cars that do not need much input from a driver are the subjects of the increasing concerns of the Federal bureaucrats. In addition to this, one expert has also raised the issue of the smart cars becoming smarter, which eventually may lead to the rise of an unusual manner of distracted driving.  

With the self-driving cars' zero need for a driver's input, Barrie Kirk of Canadian Automated Vehicles Center of Excellence is expecting a possible increase of sex encounters in cars. Kirk  noted that this technology is among the many things that people will be doing, restricting their ability to act immediately once the computer tells the human to take charge, according to Toronto Sun.

Regulations on self-driving cars have been formed by the Federal officials to emphasize on the issues compiled for the Transport Minister Marc Garneau.  Based on one of the notes, it was found that the problem about the attentive driver is problematic, as the drivers are prone to overestimate the ability of the automation, which naturally will shift their attention away from the road once they turn their auto-pilot on.

Tesla, on the other hand, made it clear that the auto-pilot feature of the cars give only a small autonomy just to make the car more secured compared to those being driven by humans. Meanwhile, although the Transport Canada has not tested the Tesla vehicle yet, it has tested other self-driving cars like the Infiniti Q50 and the Mercedes C-Class based on the documents.

Self-driving cars like Tesla do not fall under the program of autonomous vehicle pilot, set in Ontario, a regulation which requires for an expert in autonomous vehicles to be in the driver's seat and must be able to take full control when notified. This is mainly due to the autopilot feature that is covered under the regulations governing the use of the technology as self-parallel brake and parking assist, Campbell River Mirror reported.

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