Keytruda: A Miracle Drug Tested For Treating Melanoma, Other Cancer Types

First Posted: May 20, 2016 05:37 AM EDT

A new study shows that the drug Keytruda can make skin cancer patients survive for at least three years. It treats cancer by inhibiting tumor cells from shrouding against the normal and healthy immune system response.

Dr. Caroline Robert, the lead author of the study said that this is incredibly referring to the results of the study. She spends time telling her residents that those patients would be dead if it was five years ago.

In a study, it shows that 40 percent of the cancer patients who have been taking Keytruda are still alive after three years later compares to about 5 percent of patients, who have been given standard therapy, interleukin, according to American Society of Clinical Oncology. This means that 60 percent of patients are not living that long. On the other hand, it is still far over than the usual 11-month survival with advanced melanoma.

Former president Jimmy Carter, who was diagnosed with melanoma last summer and that it was spread to his brain also stated that the Keytruda made his melanoma seemingly disappear. Mr. Carter is continually teaching at his weekly Sunday school classes. He has just traveled to London recently too. Dr. Julie Vose, a specialist in blood cancers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center said that it is definitely a huge benefit over what they have seen in the past, according to NBC News.

The Food and Drug Administration has certified Keytruda for treating melanoma in 2014. It got approval for lung cancer and breakthrough therapy for colon cancer and Hodgkin's lymphoma. Dr. Don Dizon, an oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and a spokesman for ASCO said that in a matter of few years, these therapies have truly changed the outlook for patients with melanoma and many other cancer types.

According to CBS News, the American Cancer Society stated that almost 77,000 people will be identified with melanoma this year. There will be about 10,000 would die from the said disease. Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. It resembles a mole and some develop from moles. They are usually black or brown in colors. It multiplies rapidly and forms malignant tumors. Melanoma is caused by intense, occasional UV exposure.


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