Scientists Reveal How To Survive Doomsday Caused By An Unfriendly Sun

First Posted: May 09, 2016 05:22 AM EDT

Researchers from the Columbia University have suggested ways for mankind to avoid extinction caused by the annihilation effects of an ever brightening sun, according to a recent essay. The suggestions mostly include futuristic concepts like uploading subconscious minds to machines and shifting the Earth from its present orbit.

According to a report published by the Daily Mail, astrophysicists from Columbia University have listed several ways through which humanity can continue to survive on the planet in the wake of an antagonistic sun in the future. In an essay titled "How to Survive Doomsday", two scientists have pointed out that our planet is approximately a bit less than half a billion years before the Sun gets brighter, which will lead to the depletion of carbon dioxide that protects the Earth's atmosphere and consequently larger species of life will begin to die. Incidentally, the intensity of the Sun increases by 10 percent every billion years.

The scientists also mention that before reaching such a stage, mankind has to survive manmade and natural pandemics, nuclear annihilation or catastrophic events like collision with asteroids or rogue planets or super volcanoes. To save the planet from apocalypse caused by a too bright sun, the scientists have generated ideas that may sound futuristic at the moment, but could be achievable in the next 500,000 million years, as per the study.

Moving out the Earth from its current orbital path was one of the methods suggested. The scientists said this could be done by pushing a sufficiently large asteroid into the orbit, which would consequently move the Earth further from the Sun gravitationally. Another way to achieve an orbit shift for Earth would be deploying a solar collector 20 times the size of our planet, whose photons interactions would act as a tether that could pull the planet further outward in the Solar System.

The researchers also speculated that advancement in computing systems and neuroscience would enable humans to upload their consciousness onto a machine or receptacle, one day in the future. As per the scientists, such an occurrence is a possibility within the next few million years.

The essay, by Daniel Wolf Savin and Michael Hahn, was authored after calculating the orbital position of the Earth to the Sun. The calculations also took the evolution of the Sun into account. Incidentally, our star will eventually become a massive red giant in six billion years; however its destructive effect on our planet will start in less than 500 million years.

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