Next-Generation Atlas Robot Won't be Pushed Around by Humans (VIDEO)

First Posted: Feb 24, 2016 08:52 AM EST

The new Boston Dynamics Atlas robot won't be pushed around by humans. The new rendition of the robot can keep its balance far better than previous models.

In the previous model, Atlas was tethered to an external power source. This latest version, though, is battery powered, sleeker, quieter and more agile. It can withstand being pushed around, and can also lift relatively heavy boxes. Not only that, but it can adapt to external factors that may hinder it in its task.

"It's really kind of jaw dropping," said Ken Goldberg, robotics professor at US Berkeley, in an interview with Wired. "They've really smoothed out a lot of the motion."

The new robot is about 5 feet 9 inches tall and only 180 pounds. That's tiny in comparison to its predecessor, which was six feet tall and weighed about 330 pounds. What's truly amazing, though, is that the robot can right itself when pushed over, and can also keep itself standing upright when it stumbles on rough terrain, such as when walking through a snowy forest.

The new robot could be huge for the future of robotic locomotion.

Want to see the robot for yourself? Check out the video below, courtesy of YouTube.

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