Eating Breakfast May Combat Obesity and Cause You to be Healthier

First Posted: Feb 15, 2016 09:52 AM EST

Want to combat obesity? Then you may want to consider a hearty breakfast. Scientists have found that eating breakfast causes obese people to be more active, and possibly be healthier.

Increasing activity is one of the most important ways to improve health in our increasingly sedentary population. This means that eating breakfast could play a huge role in improving health in those who are overweight or obese.

In this latest study, the researchers decided to see the effect of eating breakfast.

"Despite many people offering opinions about whether or not you should eat breakfast, to date there has been a lack of rigorous scientific evidence showing how, or whether, breakfast might cause changes in our health," said James Betts, one of the researchers, in a news release. "Our studies highlight some of these impacts, but 'how important' breakfast is still really depends on the individual and their own personal goals."

The researchers placed individuals aged 21 to 60 into two groups. There was a "fasting" and a "breakfasting" group, and researchers examined them over the course of six weeks.

So what did they find? It turns out that those who ate breakfast were more likely to be active, and it was easier for them to control blood sugar levels. With that said, it was unclear as to whether it also helped them lose weight.

"It is important to bear in mind that not everybody responds in the same way to breakfast and that not all breakfasts are equal," said Enhad Chowdhury, one of the researchers. "The effects of a sugary cereal compared to a high protein breakfast are likely to be quite different."

The findings are published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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