Disabled Sea Turtle 'OD' Spends Retirement in Las Vegas [VIDEO]

First Posted: Jul 27, 2013 05:17 AM EDT

The 320 pound disabled green sea turtle has now received a large and comfortable permanent home in Las Vegas.  The turtle has spent five years at the Florida Keys Turtle Hospital in Marathon due to an irreparable collapsed lung.

The 50-year-old disabled turtle 'OD' completed a 2,400 mile journey on Thursday that lasted for 11 hours, via FedEx air cargo, to reach his new home at The Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas.

OD was rescued in the year 2008 and got its name after the scuba diving company 'Ocean Divers' that rescued it. It was found stranded on a reef off of Key Largo . The collapsed lung causes OD to float lopsided,leaving him unable to survive in the wild. Ever since it was rescued, it has been under the care of the Turtle hospital based in Florida Keys.

The officials had decided to look for a new home for OD that is bigger and offers him the better living condition.

"Our happy ending is releasing them in the wild, but OD going to the aquarium he's going in, is the best life that he will ever have and he'll have people to take care of him," said Richie Moretti, the hospital's founder and director.

He will be a part of the aquarium after he completes a 45 day quarantine period in which he will be placed in a tank behind the scenes to make sure he is fit to enter the shark Reef exhibit tank that consists of a number of reef fish, stingrays and nurse sharks, reports Turtle Hospital.

Watch Video HERE.

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