Rare Zebra-Donkey Hybrid ‘Zonkey’ Born in Italy [VIDEO]

First Posted: Jul 25, 2013 06:47 AM EDT

A rare zebra-donkey breed called 'Zonkey' was born on Saturday at an animal reserve in Florence, Italy. The newly born Zonkey, born to Jade (donkey) and Martin (zebra), has been named Ippo.

Love has absolutely no boundaries and no obstacles. Love that has no limits can see no barriers and jumps hurdles and leap fences. A similar passion was seen between the zebra and donkey that were struck by cupid's arrow. Regardless of the difference between them they have produced their love child that is currently kept on display for the animal lovers to view it.

'Ippo' who was not a product of an intentional breeding, resembles a typical donkey but carries the stripes of a zebra. It is a cross between an endangered breed of donkey from Amiata and a Zebra who were rescued from a failing zoo and were shifted to the centre. What is even more interesting about this beautiful gift to Italy is that it is the only one of this kind to be born in Italy.

A year ago, the owners had constructed a fence between Jade and Martin to separate them but Martin managed to intrude into Jade stable and this ended in a happy event with the birth of Ippo. According to the officials, Ippo is very active and playful and has soft hair, zebra paws, ears and muzzle donkey, reports Firenze Today.


The Florence animal's reserve is owned by Serena Aglietti and most of the animals at the reserve have been seized from various private zoos throughout Italy. These animals include parrot, camel, racehorses and many more that were intended for slaughtering, reports HNGN.

Like Ippo there are other zonkeys existing in other parts of the world like Germany, China and Georgia. In 2010, a zonkey named Pippi was born at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve near Daglonega, Georgia, source CNN.

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