EKG of Neil Armstrong's First Step on Moon up for Auction

First Posted: May 06, 2013 05:48 AM EDT

Here is an exciting bit of news for all space buffs who wish to nab unique items from a collection of aviation memorabilia. RR auction is conducting a massive auction of over 850 premiere lots of space and aviation mementos and artifacts.

One of the most impressive items that is sure to get hearts racing is the EKG sheet of Neil Armstrong's heartbeat as he took his first step on the moon. The EKG sheet is one of the weirdest items on the bill.

"EKG strip, six inches long, taken as Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong took man's first step on the moon. This is an actual strip of the EKG from Armstrong's heart monitor at the moment he stepped onto the lunar surface. Strip is affixed to a 7.5 x 9.5 presentation sheet which reads, 'EKG Recordings Taken as Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong Took Man's First Step on the Moon' and '4:13:24:28 Ground Elapsed Time,'" reads the description, according to Latino Post.

Apart from this, the sale includes exciting selections of space and aviation connected autographs, covers, photos and different types of flown personal mementoes and equipments belonging to aviators' and astronauts' collections themselves, as well as from the personal holdings of many of the hobby's leading space artifacts, reports RR auction.

Nearly 85 historic Apollo materials will be up for sale, which includes the Apollo 11 rotational control handle that was shared by Buzz Aldrin the moonwalker and Command module Pilot Michael Collins from the first lunar landing mission. Talking of the last lunar landing mission of Apollo, nearly 29 lots of Apollo 17 material is up for auction, such as a lunar orbit map of 17 feet, lunar orbit EVA cue card, and many more.

'Signatures' have been one of the mainstays of RR auction, and this time, they are out with several autographs, from Neil Armstrong and Wernher Von Braun, to Lovell and many more.  More details are available on the official website.

The massive auction will begin May 16, 2013 and will last till May 23, 2013. 

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