Hypnotherapist Claims Women can Enlarge Breast Size through Hypnosis

First Posted: May 04, 2013 05:36 AM EDT

Women who are unhappy with the size of their breasts go with the general notion that surgery is the only effective tool for breast enlargement. However, many women shy away from it, since the surgery is expensive and there are many health risks involved. But what if you could enjoy the benefits through an entirely natural and non-invasive method such as hypnotherapy?

The concept of breast enlargement via hypnosis has reportedly been proven. A British counseling psychologist, Felix Economakis, who is also a hypnotherapist, claims that he can help women enlarge the size of their breasts by three cups just by hypnotizing them.  He can help women increase the size of their assets for a price of $1,400 per session. All he does is command the essential parts of the brain that control the sex hormone to encourage growth.

He states that there are several obstacles created in the brain that prevent a woman's breasts from growing. These mind blocks occur due to several reasons. He states an example in which women during puberty link big breasts with unwanted male attention as they are emotionally not ready.

"Using hypnosis, I can work directly with the mind. I speak to the part that controls hormones to encourage growth," Economakis was quoted as saying in Daily Mail. "The mind basically controls the body and if you know how to work with the mind you can get it to make changes in the body. We know emotions affect the body. When people get stressed they get headaches, for example."

One of the cases Economakis presents is of 26-year-old Ashley Weller, a single mother of three who was unhappy with her breast size and sought the help of the hypnotherapist. Within three sessions, she claims, she noticed a transition from size 36C to a 36E.

"I didn't notice any change straight away. It wasn't until the second session when I noticed my bra felt tight. I feel a lot more confident about my boobs now. It goes to show there's something out there other than surgery. It does work. People should give it a go," Weller was quoted as saying in Daily Mail.

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