Don't Put Your Fork Down, HAPIfork Vibrates if You Eat Too Quickly

First Posted: Apr 17, 2013 02:02 PM EDT

The old saying about putting down your fork to help lose weight may not necessarily be true, at least, in all cases. As a new electronic fork that vibrates when you eat too quickly just hit the marketplace, reports show that this may revolutionize the way many not only eat their meals, but possibly lose weight, as well.

It's called the HAPIfork. Makers say this device allows the consumer to quickly monitor and reduce the speed at which they eat.

HAPIfork records when the user touches the fork to their mouth, and can tell how long the interval is between each fork serving.

If someone is deemed to be eating too fast, HAPIfork alerts them with a gentle vibration and indicator light to remind them to slow down, which are always important steps when consuming food.

Here are some things HAPIfork also monitors:

  • The number of "fork servings" taken per minute and per meal
  • The specific duration of each "fork serving" interval
  • The overall meal duration
  • The exact start time and end time of the meal

All of the information can then be uploaded and viewed online.  The user can choose to share the information with family and friends.

HAPIfork was awarded the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 Innovations Award.

The company is trying to raise money via the crowd funding site Kickstarter.  People who pledge $99 to the company get one of the forks, according to their website. 

Do you want a vibrating fork? Even if you don't, we at least suspect you're a little bit curious. 

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