Euclidon Develops New SaaS Platform for 3D Data

First Posted: Oct 06, 2021 10:48 AM EDT
Euclidon Develops New SaaS Platform for 3D Data

(Photo : Euclidon Develops New SaaS Platform for 3D Data)

GenView 3D, Plotly, and FusionCharts are three top 3D data visualization tools whose use extends to a wide array of sectors, ranging from the financial right through to the publishing, financial, and real estate sectors. In sectors in which 3D geospatial data is used, significant cloud storage space is required, since these representations take up considerable space. Euclidon, an SaaS developer in the geospatial industry, has just announced that it has developed a new cloud-based 3D data management and storage solution called udCloud, which enables users to process and view massive amounts of 3D spatial data in a matter of seconds.

A Microsoft Azure-Powered Solution

The new solution is powered by Microsoft Azure's patented 'uds' software, which is devoid of limitations on data size or scale. Users relying on the software can view immensely large amounts of data (petabytes and beyond - pretty impressive considering the fact that there are 1,024 terabytes in a petabyte (or one million gigabytes). The new solution not only visualizes unlimited data in seconds, but also provides users with an analysis toolkit and 3D data enhancement so they can make decisions quickly and share data with collaborators and clients. 

Working with a Variety of Formats

udCloud can support data from various formats - including raw ones like BIM, GPS, and Sonar, and commercial visualized data formats like Esri and Cesium. It has its own format to enable faster and unlimited size detail and data processing. Customers essentially have two formats they can work with: their original format, and the uds format. The latter enables them to benefit from additional tools such as enhancement, analysis, and udStream visualization. These tools are free and come with the set monthly amount that consumers pay for storage. Very detailed tools are available - including railway and road cross-sections. Customers can also request specific solutions or opt for the Software Development Kit (SDK), which enables software developers to create their own applications. 

What Industries Are Being Targeted by the New Solution?

There are a plethora of industries that already rely heavily on 3D data - including real estate, entertainment, architecture, manufacturing, and even finance. Many financial institutions have opted for SaaS adoption as a whole to safely store large amounts of data. At this point in time, Saas-based businesses are experiencing a rapid expansion, with predicting that the SaaS space will reach a value of $623 billion by 2023. Financial experts are using data visualization in 3D using immersive virtual reality displays, for instance, to boost the efficiency of data storytelling and information of financial data for sectors such as energy. Immersive virtual environments can be used across an array of industries to enable collaborators and consumers to understand financial information in a quick and effective fashion.

Different Customer Types Envisioned for udCloud

The new solution foresees different types of customers, some of which can use try it out for free (via a 15GB trial). Those who wish to continue can then pay a specific amount per month, as well as opt for additional, bespoke solutions. Larger accounts for Enterprises specializing in 3D data can also be negotiated. Euclideon is currently working on a mobile application so as to provide customers with on-the-go access. Stored data can be shared and worked on collaboratively.

Euclideon has announced the development of a new geospatial Saas platform for 3D data. What makes this platform unique is its ability to store unlimited amounts of spatial data and make this data available to users in seconds. The platform is powered by Microsoft Azure and promises to be a game-changer for a bevy of industries. 

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