6 Signs That Your Crush is Interested in You

First Posted: Jul 07, 2021 03:59 AM EDT
6 Signs That Your Crush is Interested in You

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Everybody gets a crush on someone at some stage in their life and for most people, it starts during the school days when they had a crush on one of their classmates and tries their best to impress their crush. It then goes on in life and crushes become a natural thing to have.

Crushes can be complicated, you like someone but you are not sure whether it is just timely attraction or love. You often spend your time wondering whether your crush likes you back or should I express my feelings, or how do I find out if my crush is interested in me, is there any secret way to find out about someone's feelings? 

These are the questions that most people have in their minds but to be honest, unless you're a mind reader, you can really find out what's going on in someone's mind but what you can do is look for the signs that will help you know if your crush is interested in you. So here are some signs that will tell if your crush likes you.

Your Crush is Staring at You

You can find out how a person is feeling about you through their body language even though they won't say a word out of their mouth. If your crush cannot take his/her eyes off you then it is a good sign that he/she is interested in you. If you are not sure whether he/she likes you or not, just keep a check on the gaze of the person and you will have an idea. Constant staring or stealing a glance every once and then is a sign that your crush likes you.

Your Crush Makes Extra Efforts for You

If your crush is making extra efforts for you then it is a good indication that he/she might be interested in you. It might be a simple thing such as walking you home or helping you with your home but the way your crush behaves will explain everything. If she is taking everything a step forward and making an extra effort just to help you then it means that he/she likes you but is unable to express it.

Your Crush Stays Connected With You

If you and your crush managed to be friends then you can find out if he/she is interested in you or not. A good sign to find out if your crush likes you is that he/she likes to stay connected with you, be it in real life or on social media. If your phone is buzzing all the time and you're receiving texts from your crush or if someone is sending you Good Morning texts the first thing in the day to brighten your day up or sending you Good Night texts then it certainly means that he/she is interested in you.

Your Crush Compliments You

When you make an extra effort to impress your crush such as dressing well or helping him/her with something and he/she compliments you with genuine praise then it is a good indication your crush likes you. People like to compliment those whom they like and if your crush notices and compliments the little that you do then it is a good sign that your crush is interested in you. 

Your Crush Spends Time With You

If you ask your crush to help you with some difficult chores or ask him/her out on a date then it is another good sign that he/she is interested in you. If someone doesn't like you and is uninterested then that person would just straight out reject your offer and would try to stay away from you. If he/she is responding to your offers nicely and helping you out with different things then it means that your crush likes you, otherwise, an uninterested person wouldn't be willing to go an extra mile to be with you.

Your Crush is Trying to Be Close to You

If you often bump into your crush in the library or in the same grocery shop then chances are that it is not a coincidence. Your crush is actually finding excuses to be around you. If you find your crush to be popping up at places that you normally go to then it is a huge sign that he/she is interested in you. Your crush is just finding excuses to be close to you and humans don't get close to someone, unless they like that person.

These are some pretty heavy signs and indications that your crush is interested in you. If you find most of these signs on your crush then you shouldn't just straight out presume that your crush likes you. It is good to have someone's attention but you should wait a bit more and look for more subtle hints. If the hints are there then you should express your feelings but try to do it in a way that you turn off your crush.

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