How to Survive a Move: Moving Rules, Procedure, Tips and Recommendations

First Posted: Apr 23, 2021 03:49 PM EDT
How to Survive a Move: Moving Rules, Procedure, Tips and Recommendations

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How to survive moving to another city? In psychology, this topic is considered difficult. But in our article, we will look at it in detail. We will also give useful tips on how to mentally and physically withstand everything.

During the period of moving, people have a difficult feeling. On the one hand, a person doubts the correctness of the decision made, and on the other-there is an expectation of something new, unpredictable. In the event that the expected becomes a reality, people remember the places where they once left. How to survive moving to another city? Yes, it's not easy. But everything should work out with the right attitude.

Nostalgia should not interfere!  After moving, a person feels nostalgic. Because relatives and friends remain in the old place. This circumstance leads to melancholy and can start a depressive period.

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Moving is a change of residence, accompanied by sorting and transporting things from one place to another. There are three types: moving to another country, to another city, and moving to new housing in the same city.

How to survive moving to another apartment

How easy is it to survive the move? First of all, you should not sit at home in an unfamiliar city. Even in the absence of relatives and friends, you should not be bored. You should go out and explore the city, find friends. We need to see more sights and monuments of architecture.

People are stressed because they haven't met their neighbors yet. But in the old apartment it was cozy, comfortable. The new housing will become the same after a while. And when you get acquainted, you do not need to be nervous, worry. Speak calmly, with a smile. If you start a good conversation, be sure to invite your neighbors for a cup of tea or coffee.

Relocation and its reasons

A large number of people live on the planet. And all at a certain period of time it is necessary to leave for a while, and then return home again. There are certain forced reasons and a move that a person decided to make on their own, guided by their desire. The forced ones include: unstable political situation, problems in the family, work. The move, which arose for this reason, clearly will not bring positive emotions. But do not immediately fall into depression. You need to look for the good in this business.

But if a person himself decided to move, wanted to change for the better, then it is important to immediately tune in to the positive and to the execution of all plans. However, when the period of moving comes, there is still a feeling of longing, anxiety.

Fears when moving

How to survive the move? First of all, it is necessary to cope with the fear by identifying its causes. Let's look at them. The main reasons that exist:

  • Fear of change, of the unknown. After all, in your hometown, country, apartment, everything is native, familiar, cozy.

  • The absence of relatives and friends in the new place, who will come to the rescue at any time.

  • The feeling of fear of an unfamiliar city. A feeling of helplessness.

  • If everything goes well, a person may be afraid of failure. In a new city, a new country, new circumstances will arise, colleagues. To earn their trust, you will have to put a lot of effort. A person is afraid that they will not have enough strength.

  • The emergence of upcoming concerns. Collecting things, so as not to forget anything, new work, repairs.

The prospects

Those who are interested in learning how to survive the move should remember about the pleasant side of the question. Positive emotions should take precedence over feelings of longing and fear.

It is necessary to find a lot of advantages for moving that are beneficial for a person: climatic conditions, new acquaintances, additional prospects. To make it easier to survive the move, you need to tune in to the best.

Moving is a great choice that includes all the positive aspects of life. Most importantly, you should not be afraid of change.

Negative points and important questions

During the move, there are also negative moments: finding an apartment, a job, adapting to a new place, neighbors, shops, the absence of close people, friends. This can also include loneliness if a person moves alone.

However, everything is possible to pass. So how do you survive the move? Note that before you decide on such a thing, you should:

  • Weigh all the pros and cons to make a decision about moving.

  • Pack your things carefully.

  • Create comfort in a new place.

  • Learn the location of the city, routes.

  • Prepare to meet your neighbors.

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