Travelling During a Pandemic

First Posted: Mar 24, 2021 12:07 PM EDT
Travelling during a pandemic

(Photo : Travelling during a pandemic)

The corona pandemic has changed a lot in our lives. We exchanged the office for a workplace at the kitchentable, the cinema for our own 'home cinema' and the gym and other sports clubs for a workout in the park. Also travelling from A to B is a little bit different than the years before. No busy train stations, overcrowded buses and planes that fly in and out. But what is the safest way to travel if you want to visit your best friend, colleague, granny or other loved one? In this article we tell you more about it!

Try to avoid public transport as much as possible 

At peak time buses, trains and other public transport can be quite hectic. Because these vehicles are quite narrow, it's almost impossible to keep your distance to others. Fortunately everyone has to wear a face mask, but the risk of infection is logically higher. Therefore we strongly advise you to avoid public transportation; not just for your own safety but also for the safety of others. After all, there are many people who are dependent on public transport, for example for their job. Think of nurses and doctors that need to use public transport to get to the hospital or firefighters, policemen and other people that have a so-called 'crucial job'. If we avoid public transport, these people can move themselves in a much safer way. 

Go by car

Did you know that all roads are much emptier due to the pandemic? After all, most people work from home. And daily commuting is often the cause of most traffic jams. So do you have a car? Make use of it! Now you can finally get to your destination in time.

And are you planning on a small trip or weekend away to one of our neighboring countries? Then we strongly recommend you to go by car. Going by car makes you much more flexible. You can react quickly if the situation at your holiday destination or home country changes. 

No car? Rent!

Are you not in the possession of a car? Fortunately there are many rental options available. Look for a rental company nearby, so you can easily pick up your car. Luckily there are also many car rental companies that deliver your rental car to your doorstep. Do you need a simple car for a short trip to your grandparents or do you want to rent a 9-passenger van (Dutch: 9 persoons bus huren)? At most rental companies you can rent a vehicle for any purpose, even without a credit card (Dutch: auto huren zonder creditcard). De possibilities are endless. 

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